Download Happy New Year Greetings And Wishes For 2019

New Year Greetings
New Year Greetings

One of the most memorable New Year’s Eve celebrations I have ever attended was in Pietralunga, Italy. Our initial plan had been to spend a quiet New Year’s Eve with a home cooked Italian meal by the fireplace at Caifiordi. And Download Happy New Year Greetings.

The past is passed just, Nobody can compensate for the loss, and damages suffered:


The recent unprecedented rains and floods in Chennai city of India and the Northern parts of the UK, and the temperatures shooting up by twenty-five degrees from the ordinary at the North Pole are several indicators of the impact of climate change.  And Download Happy New Year Greetings.

Everything has to be smart in the current digital era. Smartness implies efficiency with speed. In precisely the exact same manner, in the macro level, the concept of Smart city is gaining momentum now.

1. Round-the-clock and quality water distribution.

2. Constant and adequate power source.

3. Sanitation and hygiene care by the management of solid waste and sewerage.

4. efficient transport system for preserving the energy and controlling the contamination.

5. Well planned layouts for residential and commercial buildings.

6. Audio information system via using information technology, and

7. Responsible public government through E-governance.

Whatever be the advancements, it’s the people of the society which make the distinction by adhering to the subject and common sense. Without the participation of the citizens, nothing is possible and achievable. The conflicts and contradictions arising from the race for material welfare should be axed by discussing the available resources to get a joyful coexistence. Each Individual shall endeavour to conserve energy and resources by adopting the methods as appropriate to this and Download Happy New Year Greetings.

Personal comfort:

Any New year resolution by a sensible individual will ensure the security and happiness of lives on the Mother Earth. The same ought to aim at living in harmony with Nature is the sole solution for enduring happiness and prosperity.

My husband, Bert, and I had left the States the day after Christmas and arrived in our house, Caifiordi, on Dec. Our initial plan was to spend a quiet New Year’s Eve having a home-cooked Italian meal by the fireplace in Caifiordi. Nothing wrong with this plan; it might have been delightful.

We arrived a little after:

which we thought would be in keeping with the normal Italian habit of eating dinner late. 

And the food. There are just no words to describe the quality and quantity of the food we ate that evening or the flourish with which every course was presented. The antipasti consisted of different traditional meats and cheeses, olives, and crostini (little rounds of baguette coated with spreads made of chicken pate, olive paste or vegetable pate).

We all went outside onto the patio where we’d look down onto the lights of Pietralunga. The bells rang out and everyone wished each other”augur Anno Nuovo Felice” congratulations, and enjoy the new year night with your friends and family members. And Download Happy New Year Greetings for you.

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