Trend New Year Party Ideas for New Year Celebration

The decades have been done. Gatsby-mania is gone. Discover creative and on-trend theme ideas for your 2019 Trend New Year Party Ideas.

All the decades have been done:

Gatsby-mania is gone. Pirates are a pass. You’re fresh out of interesting ideas for Trend New Year Party Ideas theme. Fear not. To make sure your party is all anyone talks about in 2019, we’ve put together a list of 20 creative and on-trend theme ideas for your 2019 New Year’s Eve event.

Candy Crush:

In 2018, the world had an obsession with all things sweet and colourful. New exhibitions like Sugar Republic and Museum of Ice-Cream were insanely popular and everyone wanted to fill their Instagram feeds with pops of candy colour. Tap this trend for your NYE party by theming it system things bright and colourful and a dessert table filled with sweet treats.

Inner Child:

What better way to shake off the strain of the year than with a bit of childlike fun on Trend New Year Party Ideas? Think grown up versions of your favourite childhood activities an adult-sized ball pit, jumping castle, slide, confetti, bubbles, and of course, fairy bread.

Havana Nights:

Trend New Year Party Ideas in Australia usually means a steamy hot summer night, perfect for a party with tropical flair. But if you’re feeling like the beach theme is a bit played out, take your guests to timeless Cuba with a Havana Nights theme. Think rum cocktails, latin dance music, outlandish tropical prints, and vintage resort wear.

Time Travelers’ Ball:

This theme is the ultimate fancy dress party. Instead of limiting costumes to a single decade, your time travelling guests can take inspiration from a person or style from any year, past or present. Dinosaurs, ancient Egypt, famous historical figures and pop symbols – the possibilities are endless.

Diet Starts Tomorrow:

In January, we diet. But it’s December 31st, so tonight let’s go down in a blaze of glory. This theme lets guests indulge in all the good stuff in a fun blowout before their Brand new Year’s resolutions start. Think decadent cocktails, doughnuts walls, and fried food galore.

Glitter Gala:

For an event that shimmers and shines, you can’t go past a glitter theme this New Year’s Eve. Encourage guests to dress with sparkle and offer glitter face or even body painting on site. Need a quirky idea to raise money for charity? Dare bearded guests to donate their facial hair and wear a glitter beard if you hit a fundraising target.

Palm Springs Party:

With mid-century modern coming back into vogue, ring in 2019 with a Palm Springs inspired party. Think vintage summer glam and classic styling from the 50’s and 60’s.

Heroes & Villains:

An oldie but a goodie. With the non-stop release of superhero movies in 2018, comic books are on trend and provide great costume choices for themed Trend New Year Party Ideas.

Bubbles & Booties:

For a modern take on a sophisticated black-tie soiree, try Bubbles & Bowties. Guests are encouraged to dress in formal wear for a champagne-filled event. Mix it up with trendy varietals like Prosecco and natural sparkling wine, Pétillant-naturel.

The Best of 2019:

Celebrate the close of 2019 with everything that got people talking throughout the year. From the royal wedding to Beyonce and Jay-Z’s pastel powersuits, this theme encourages guests to dress as an iconic moment or person from the year. Think pop-culture references, major events, political statements, and celebrity deaths.

Disney Dance:

Did you know Mickey Mouse turned 90 this year? Celebrate with a red, black, and white themed Mickey Mouse party, or a Disney theme where guests dress as their favourite classic character. Styling will be a breeze, with retail stores filling with goods in order to mark the 90th anniversary year.

Musical Magic:

The smash-hit movie, La La Land, reinvigorated the world’s love of musicals. Celebrate New Year’s Event with a music-themed event, encouraging guests to dress as their favourite musical characters. Karaoke or a Sing-A-Long musical screening is a must.

Tourist Trap:

For a fun take on the classic beach theme, dress your event space as an airport lounge, hotel lobby, or resort bar and ask guests to dress as summer holiday tourists. Think selfie-sticks, Hawaiian shirts, palm-print maxi-dresses, and wearing shoes with sandals.

French-Chic Picnic:

If you’re hosting a summery outdoor picnic to catch the fireworks, try a French theme. Think red-checkered picnic blankets, baguettes, cheese, and champagne.

Bogan Aussie BBQ:

If you’re looking to keep your outdoor theme closer to home, try an old-school Aussie BBQ with snags, singlets, and a friendly game of backyard cricket.

Zombie Apocalypse:

End the year with an end-of-days party. This theme is ideal for warehouse venues or locations that are a bit creepy like old jails or close to cemeteries.

Ready Player One:

This video-game inspired theme invites guests to dress as their favourite game character, past or present. Hire a place that has retro arcade games or hire virtual reality headsets for gameplay entertainment.

Nautical, But Nice:

Hosting an event on a boat or by the river, however want to avoid a kitschy pirate themed event? Try a more sophisticated nautical theme styled with crisp whites as well as deep navy blues. To achieve this setting, your event space should look more at home cruising the French Costa than sailing the high seas.

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party:

The whimsical world of Alice in Wonderland is always a classic and allows you to really bend the rules when it comes to styling for an event theme and Best Of Luck Wishes.

Hamptons Garden Party:

A place long associated with summertime chic, New York’s Hamptons region evokes visions of popped collars and lamborghinis by the beach. To inject some preppy fun into your New Year’s Eve event, create a Hamptons style garden party with turf lawn, tennis whites, sneakers, and pastels. With a jug of Pimms on the side, of course.

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