Best Wishes On Happy New Year Quotes 2019 For You

Here are my hopes and wishes for the new year that I hope come true for those Happy New Year Quotes 2019 on this new year.

As we reflect on the year that’s passing:

It’s not unusual to formulate wishes and resolutions for the new year. I’m not much for resolutions anymore (I wrote about this in Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions that Nobody Will Keep), but I do have hopes and wishes for me and for my readers.

May your family and friends be attentive when you talk about your illness, your limitations, and your disappointments.

There is nothing as exquisite to me as the feeling that I’ve been listened to and that I’ve been believed when I talk about what my life with chronic illness is like (chronic illness includes chronic pain). I wish for all you to have that experience of being listened to. That said, at the same time that I hope your family and friends are attentive listeners. May you accept with grace that some family and friends may never understand what you’re going through of Happy New Year Quotes 2019.

Some people can’t handle being around the chronically ill because it triggers their own fears about illness and mortality. I’ve worked hard not to take it personally when family and friends go missing because it only makes me feel worse physically and mentally. With as much grace and braveness as I can muster, I let those people slip out of my life. I’ve done this with a couple of close relatives. It was hard at the time but, in the long run, it’s better for me to work on being content with my life as it is than to be close to people who are uncomfortable or in denial about my sickness.

In this internet age, it’s not unusual for people with chronic pain and illness to be the experts on their condition. I, for one, certainly have plenty of time to study my illness online! I’m fortunate that my GP welcomes learning from me and is open to experimenting with treatments. So long as what I suggest doesn’t run the risk of making me worse, he’s generally willing to try it.

No matter how hard a day is for you, may you keep your heart open for life’s beauty:


New Year Quotes 2019
New Year Quotes 2019

The sight of a beautiful cloud in the sky, the sound of a favourite piece of music, the feel of warm water on your skin, something silly on TV.

May you find a measure of peace and contentment despite your health challenges.

This is a hard wish for me to fulfil at times. Some days, things just fall apart. The good news is that we can start over each time this happens. We can have our little pity party (they can be so cleansing) and then say. Okay, this is my life let me see what I can make of it despite my limitations. 

They may be under stress at work, or bogged down by familial responsibilities, or worried about a relationship. Each person’s life is a unique mix.

I point this out because I think it’s valuable to keep in mind that we, the forever ill, don’t have a monopoly on suffering. The key to finding a measure and peace and contentment in life is to understand that it’s inevitable that things will be unpleasant at times even overwhelming and not to identify with those tough times as a permanent part of who you are. In other words, you can have a good cry and then start the day anew. Refresh your mind with Happy New Year Quotes 2019.

Learning self-compassion takes practice:

A good starting point is putting aside any self-blame you may be experiencing. You’re in a body and also bodies get sick and injured and old. It happens differently for everyone, but it happens with Best Wishes Message.

I include many self-compassion exercises in my books because they’re my personal go-to practices when I’m at a loss for how to cope. My sweet body, working so hard to support me. 

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